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Chinese diagnosis and course suggestions


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Course features

  • The learners can have the better understanding about their language level.
  • The learners can have the opportunity to talk with Chinese native speaker
  • The learners can get their personal curriculum planning from Hanyu+ online course

Course description

This course aim to help learners know their the language level and also help learners know how to start learning Chinese. Learners just need to spend 30 mins to 45 mins, it can help you to solve the questions with "how to learn" , " how to choose the course" or "how to take a course".

Learners can talk and communicate with a teacher who is the native speaker in Taiwan. The teacher will realize learners' Chinese level and learning purpose through the class. Moreover, the teacher will provide the suitable curriculum planning which is belonged to the learner, so that learners can get the clear path to know how to start learning Chinese or find the suitable online courses in Hanyu+ online tutoring.

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Course Content

  • Lesson 1.  1. Chinese Diagnosis & Course Suggestions

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