Culture Lesson with Virtual Reality Experience

On July the 13th, we worked with NKNU and held a workshop to test our Hanyu+ VR app on Mandarin Chinese learning. A free trial lesson was designed to give a 20 minutes instruction about how to purchase favor drinks in Mandarin Chinese. After the teaching, students were told to use the VR app to experience the scenario and dialogue under the virtual reality. The purpose is to help students get familiar with the vocabularies learned and those sentences which will be really heard in real interactive dialogue.
During the VR experience, students can practice those vocabularies taught before, by speaking out to the device, and the APP will record their voice and tell if their pronunciation is correct. In this way, students can practice many times to get familiar immediately. Even more, the APP preloads many dialogues and allows learners to actually talk to the AI and get feedback from it to tell if they speak right or wrong.
After the teaching lesson and the experience of VR, students are brought to the actual location, in this case to the drink shop, to have a real trip to apply their learning and talk to real people in the store, including buying drinks and asking questions to the service person.
Finally students are asked to give feedback to the team. They feel interested and efficient in using the new technology to learn Mandarin Chinese. Most of the students provide positive feedback. On the other hand, they believe that it will be more attractive to use the VR app if they are in foreign countries, instead of in Taiwan, and taking online courses. That is also our goal to provide this kind of experience to the courses on Hanyu+ Online Tutoring. For those students who take the lesson online can actually experience Mandarin scenario. Come and try it on. Just download the app and have fun Mandarin learning.