Frontier Joined The 9th Chinese Teaching International Symposium

On Dec. 7, 2019 Frontier’s CEO, JUOHAO LI, is honored to be invited to give a speech in the “The 9th Chinese Teaching International Symposium” held by National Kaohsiung Normal University. The speech is about how the Hanyu+ APP can help the students learn Mandarin Chinese with digital tools. Hanyu+ APP is specially designed to help students’ pronunciation and dialogue practices while learning Mandarin Chinese.
Frontier focuses on developing AI technology, including Nature Language Processing (NLP), and tries to apply these results on language learning. Usually the painful part of learning a new language is the transferring process to overcome the pronunciation difference from their native language. It could be very frustrating such as there are four tones in Mandarin Chinese, while there is no such variation in English, Japanese and many other languages.
A good strategy to improve this kind of learning difficulty is to practice more and have “someone” to tell you if the pronunciation is right or not. Hanyu+ APP is designed to help students to have more practice and the AI technology can distinguish if the pronunciation and tone is correct. In this way, learning Mandarin is not difficult anymore and becomes more efficient than ever before.
During the symposium, there are many teachers and organizations interested in this application and talk to us to see if there is a possibility to apply to their students and schools. It is more than welcome to download this APP as it is free and already on the Google Play and Apple Store. Teachers and organizations are also welcome to talk to Frontier about the cooperations.

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